Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review of lagniappe at Goodreads

Kathrin Schaeppi reviews lagniappe at Goodreads: "The cream-colored-ballet-shoe-satin cover is an invitation to “follow / my own / : / arabesque”. These words dance as meanings unfold, slip and slide “arabesque menagerie cacophonous conjugal glissando avalanche rhapsody spectacle archipelago” across the cover and through the book like a mischievous de- and recoiling snake." Read her entire review.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

In addition to Nous-zot's edition of Jill Stengel's lagniappe, my chap (em)bodied bliss, also part of Dusie Kollektiv 3, is available.

An engagement with torture and its obfuscation as policy, its implications for the speaking "I", the poems meditate on language, authority, and complicity.

Copies of each chap are available for $7 U.S (includes shipping). Send an email to nouszotpress at gmail dot com.