Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pleth, by j/j hastain and Marthe Reed

A new collaborative collection of poems, just published by Unlikely Books: cell poems by j/j hastain with ekphrasitc responses by Marthe Reed. Deb Hoag reviews Pleth at HLMT Giant.  Hoag writes, "There are complex nuances in both hastain’s and Reed’s work, fragmented glimpses of post-apocalyptic wounds, of a desperate last grasp at the tattered shreds of a brave new world’s disavowed humanity, but both hastain and Reed offer, above all else, a sense of beauty, and of hope that shines through."

Ryan Pratt reviews After Swann, my new chapbook out from above / ground press

A lovely review of After Swann, my new chapbook out from above / ground press, by Ryan Pratt.

Excerpts from the same manuscript form the performed text of the After Swann video, a collaboration with visual artist Yeon Choi, composer Joshua Carro, and producer Keith Dorwick. The video is available from Amazon.