Monday, May 30, 2016

Eleni Sikelianos' How to Assemble the Animal Globe

Nous-zōt's Spring 2016 is going out with a BANG! Eleni Sikelianos' gorgeous chapbook How   to   Assemble   the   Animal   Globean excerpt from her forthcoming book from Coffee House Press. This mock-up does not give justice to the metallic gold cover or the metallic violet vellum endpaper which will show through where the animal figures will be cut away.

How   to   Assemble   the   Animal   Globe  will feature five animal images by artist Christine Lee: an extinct animal from each of the following -- Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, Australia/Oceania, and Antarctica. This stab-bound chapbook also features removable pages for constructing your own Animal Globe, the sections hand-annotated by Eleni with the names of extinct animals. Available for pre-order at the Nous-zōt online shop.

Sample poem:


its blue 
to which side
of blue
it had to drink daily
which made it easy (to shoot) 
eating the best
red grass, spear grass, love grass
blue from dark skin showing thru
If you travel to Uppsalla, Capetown or London you might glimpse one 
of the three remaining pairs of horns
A skull in Glasgow, one in Amsterdam
The four mounted specimens (Vienna, Stockholm, Paris, Leiden)
show no sheen of blue