from Aerial Concave Without Cloud by Sueyeun Juliette Lee

Meditations on the potencies of light, light's timbers and resonances on spirit and being.
Full-color cover with vellum oversheet, photograph by the author. 24 pages, hand-sewn. $8.00.

the aerial nature of celestial blue
what comes to life
with the smallest cloud
in solidified blue
suffers an enormous loss
such is life for
the blue sky in a wildflower
or blue eyes at dusk
that distant blue infinity
rises sternly in the soul
vibrates in no sonorous crystal
tonalizes only in the
swift muscular engine
we call clarity, not day
concourse of correspondences
limned with blue hands
active in its dynamics
of dematerialization
dream after the finesse of ancient galleries
whose calm hallways in infinite attention
remain, counseling
a possessed good
such a minimum of substance
in which the bell rings
of its own accord

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