After Sleeping to Dream/After After by Metta Sáma

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A dos-a-dos chapbook, on one side After "Sleeping to Dream" (ekphrastic poems); on the opposite side After After (the myth of Argos Panoptes revisted). Wisteria and aqua covers, cream vellum endpapers: 36 pages.

The BabyDolls & Hans Bellmar

Is it just our imagination
or this lover’s quarrel too
staged First we inhale
kisses The aftermath of semi
lust drags through our lungs
After I say go be a man You
ask if I care to be a woman’s
heart untrammelled What is love

love You are a sulky
house I am a child breaking
your windows Let’s skip ahead
to spin the bottle Let’s rush head
first into the burnt edges
of Mars Let’s open our mouths
to someone else’s heat What
borrowed sorrow is left to us

I will be the antigone of yes I am
over love love You are sex closer
to the mouth Imagine words truly
fall from our tongues
Crash into the rising sin
of the midday moon You are
empty rooms I am nervous
hands hauling broken
toys through shattered
windows To hell with the cockeyed
memories of childhood I am
no longer a young girl who lures broken
men into abandoned bodies Did you

ever stumble over the ledge No
You are a sweet thing a mature flower
drooping You are the final cologne
of summer Go be a man I will be
any woman loose & tongued
by the moon I will be the derelict-hearted
Go be an overheated pot Burn
the salt of memories Ours is
the measured doses of longing
Which is love love

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