Nesting Intinct

Jesse Nissim, 2014

House, home,, here then there, Jesse Nissim investigates the pull of domestic spaces. Recuperating the distance between self and object, past and present, sheltered and homeless, Nissim returns us in the potencies of the first place, its walls, its loves, its absences, its lack, recovering, bitter and sweet, the walls of the lost.

When was the last you noticed
a door with a lock and a window?
Dear fire,

Tiny reasons, no matter their
actual size, can be traced in
ragged outlines,

indentations, an almost
continual chain. When
was the last you noticed

a glass-walled home, humble
and worn? Would you make
kindling of antique flooring?

Would you notice if you’d encountered
a toothpick excessively fond of distance,
free and finally large?

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