Fever Dreams in Tongues without Skulls, Carolyn Hembree

Fever Dreams in Tongues without Skulls by Carolyn Hembree

Half-letter chapbook with cornflower blue metallic vellum covers and silvery vellum endpapers, side-sewn Japanese stitching. 34 pages.

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Rigging a Chevy into a Time Machine & Other Ways to Escape a Plague

Kill the harbinger
at your screen door:
call the opossum (milk carton in hand)
like a cat, "here thing"
loose a flo
the trick's to aim high
to make that marsup fly

Ironclad your nerves:
should a spirit hassle the hackberry
cast it out. 20 paces or so to the cement ledge
the crumbling step that's overgrown
each yellow vine that hooks your heel
face the grove
it runs acres, acres north
clang a cast-iron skillet with a serving fork
then when a mile round
tines vibrate (the fork's and the stag's)
for the hills the stag will run—that's the spirit
hold still. the place where a fawn's nestled...


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