Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bridget Lee's Sun Creatures

Nearly ready to begin printing Bridget Lee's chapbook, Sun Creatures, lyric and innovative all at once, these poems meditate on bees, the one who keeps them, and the environmental crisis and the root of our world.

Cover art by Karinna Gomez, 37 pages, Japanese stab binding with pale yellow vellum endpapers.

Pre-order a copy now, just $8.00 plus shipping.

sun creatures by Bridget Lee, $8.00


Out by the train-tracks where small red poppies persist in growing   bees go. Out by the trash bins, buttercups,   addled with bees.    These fragments are what I can’t see between. These are what I retreat from. I’ll call the sun a train with a hundred wheels. I’ll call it bearing down. Throw poppy    apple   vetch   from the windows of cars.   Cast them as questions    what are we   what are we   what are we?