Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall 2014 titles available for sale and pre-sale now

The fall 2014 Nous-zot Chapbook series is now available for sale/pre-sale. Please check our our online shop for all our chapbooks and for a bundle special price for all three Fall 2014 chapbooks:

After "Sleeping to Dream"/After After by Metta Sáma, $8.00

Apophallation Sketches: a Theater of Affective Extremes by j/j hastain, $8.00

XXX by Maria Damon, $8.00


Nesting Instinct

House, home,, here then there, Jesse Nissim investigates the pull of domestic spaces. Recuperating the distance between self and object, past and present, sheltered and homeless, Nissim returns us in the potencies of the first place, its walls, its loves, its absences, its lack, recovering, bitter and sweet, the walls of the lost.

FORTHCOMING: Fall titles for Nous-zot Press

Nous-zot Press is delighted to announce three titles to be published for Fall 2014:

The Autobiography of Eyes & Other Renderings by Metta Sama

Apophallation Sketches: a Theater of Affective ExtremesStrenuous Essays for the Senses by j/j hastain

XXX, cross-stitch vispos by Maria Damon (color)

New Nous-zōt's chapbook by Metta Sáma

Nous-zōt's newest chapbook, first of the fall 2014 series, is now available for order: After "Sleeping to Dream"/After After a dos-á-dos chap by Metta Sáma, 36 pages. Buy it here!