Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chrstine Hume's Shot

Christine Hume's new book Shot, from Counterpoint Press, is a Baedeker of night, mapping a haunting landscape with a language she makes strange to fit the dreamscape in which the poems unfold. Dream wording a dream world.

Striking the hour in rounds

A freak disease tears across the vista

You’ve been told this is the year of medicine

Lunar halo must bother you tonight with some life

War shine and flare lit in the lips


Sugar awake in the animal disaster

Vaccinations break and they bother you

The situation of its waves

Puts catheters in blather-mouths

Time for you to ride

Hume writes us into a realm where “stars are swinging doors that miracle the shift,” her night made ours: “this night your existence depends upon the doubt of single pair of eyes stoning you from a low bridge.” And like the dark, Hume chastens us: “Pound at your own belief until its empty of you.” She draws the reader down into a language wedding illusion and certainty, ambiguity the quicksand under our feet. Get this book!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Out the door!

The envelopes are addressed and stamped: zaum alliterations is going out by mail today, Dusie 4! Keep your eyes peeled for a white 5X9 envelop.