Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Late winter reading

A scatter-shot of glimpses:

jared hayes' new Dusie chap, Act Two of the Gertrude Spicer Story, oulipioan transformations presented as triptychs, a flip book of side-by-side iterations/interruptions of Stein and Spicer, a meditation/meander on the poetic process.

Stephen Vincent's tree haptics in the new Ekleksographia, photos of tree 'signs' or 'writing', the trace of growth, injury, decay. Vincent has arranged these in a vertical scroll so that one's eye follows them down--down into another realm/world/being: the slow time of growth. Lovely work.

Hearing Cathy Wagner read: holding a taut filament between sung and spoken, between the lyric and the gap-filled stutter, her unflinching attention to the body and its passages into and against other bodies, through the quotidian matrix. Her fabulous sense of humor!

j/j hastain's sweetstrange nerve yen to yew tree, so much attention to the shift or the gap, attending to what waits there, reading the body through the text, through the cultural-mythic text.

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