Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mark Lamoureux's Spectre

Mark Lamoureux's new book Spectre is out from Black Radish Books. You can catch a glimpse of it at on "SPD Recommends" or buy a copy here.

A marriage of the fantastic to the absurd--the monstrous and the transcendent, the ridiculous and the delightful, the ordinary and the other-worldly: Lamoureux pursues a deliciously strange seam of Nazis, superheroes, aliens, mythologies, monstrous fungi, altered consciousness, magic, and spirits, a carnival-esque world scored by a voice alternately sardonic, wistful, and ironic. A potent and beguiling collection.

If you would like to review Spectre, contact Black Radish Books for a free copy at blackradishbooks at gmail dot com

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