Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two new chapbooks from Nous-zot: ragbag and Turning 25

Two gorgeous new chapbooks now available from Nous-zot: ragbag by Rdr and Turning 25 by Chantel Langlinais, each in numbered editions of 50.

 Language games, language play, Rdr. takes on ancient goddesses and monsters, Freudian archetypes, and the glorious jumble of the quotidian dance.

Conditioned by sudden loss, this collection returns to the poet's twenty-fifth year via twenty-five constraint-driven engagements with texts from twenty-five writers, including Atwood, Beckett, Plath, Whitman, and Wolfe.

Hand-sewn, bound in linen with velum endpapers, these chapbooks are only $5 each--including shipping.  Drop me an email if you're interested: nouszotpress at gmail dot com

Coming up next: The Soft Appeal: Sentiment in the age of Cybernetic Disclosure by Jackqueline Frost.  

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