Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Soft Appeal by Jackqueline Frost

A new Nous-zot chapbook: The Soft Appeal, Sentiment in the Age of Cybernetic Disclosure -- by Jackqueline Frost. 

"The notion is that I perhaps never will fit beneath the sign, a rose, an airy prayer that has been given to me to be a name to be under, under exposed, eclipsed by a body of soft work.
Once, when there was a legend to take into, I took an axe to its hardwoods, splitting sappy ends until there were no ends in sight, no sweet to suck. Through its brush, I ghost-limbed. And suffered Grace. Shown by the remotest things, how human the night is. There is a herd of heavy myths coming out of the earth in chain-smoke pursued by the predatory nature of heat. This morning I went into the field and was traded for good ember. Emergence itself takes fiercely. Here I offer that touch is an operation. Any touches. Gladly rummage, I am after what we would be as so. Through this wilderness I will not talk. Our woods are full of great noises, and a great noise is worth being hunted by."

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the gorgeous hand-sewn chap with gold vellum endpapers ($5 includes shipping), email me at nouszot at gmail dot com

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